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About us

About us

Local Search Titan is a personable Internet Marketing Service made up of young technologically sound professionals with a collective interest in entrepreneurship. We specialize in marketing your business or service through the popular search engines of Google and Bing. With our full feature website design and local search capabilities, we have earned the trust of hundreds of small business owners from all over the country. From Doctors in Dallas, Texas, Lawyers in Aspen, Colorado, to Truck Repairmen and Mechanics in Phoenix, Arizona, we deliver friendly local search marketing techniques of all kind. Our goal is to provide the extra attention to detail so that your marketing campaign maximizes your return on your investment.

We provide unparalleled services to our clients with Local Search Optimization (Places Pages), affordable customized business websites (wordpress, joomla, weebly, & more!), and search engine optimization (SEO) website makeovers. We have some of the best local search results of any local seach SEO company in the industry.

The Local Search Titan philosophy stems from the very definition of the word. A “Titan” is a member of the powerful godly race of deities (descendants of Gaia and Uranus) that once ruled during the Golden Age. In what could be considered “The Golden Age” of the Internet, we not only compete for your business… WE DOMINATE.

We understand that internet marketing can often be a daunting task for business owners. Our team of professionals take pride in helping you along the way so that your positioning on Google and Bing are always protected. Give us a call today and see what the Local Search Titans can do for you!


Once local business owners understand the potential of dominating local search results they understand the importance of keeping their position on local search algorithms like Google Places.

Local Search Titan is proud to help over a hundred businesses rank on the first page for some of the most sought after keywords. Capitalizing on internet marketing locally gives our clients the competitive edge to increase sales and increase positive public relations.


Local Search Titan follows a proven formula to get your Google Places ranking on the first page of competitive searches within normal everyday Google searches as well as Google Maps and global smart phone searches that rely on GPS.

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