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97% of consumers search for local businesses online – We improve your ranking on Google Maps & Google Places. Period.
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Keyword Ranking Tool

The free keyword ranking tool is an organic search and local placement ranking tool that tracks your keywords in popular search engines like Google and Bing. Save time and money with our Free keyword tool so that you can easily track your search engine results.Ranking Tool Free Ranking Tool
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Local Ranking Tool

The Local Ranking Tool is a quick check to see where you rank compared to your competition. With just your business phone number within seconds you can find out how to rank higher on search engines. Then track your local rankings for free with Local Tool
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My Local Citaton Finder

My Local Citation Finder is another free internet marketing tool offered by This tool allows you to research your competition in your industry in a matter of seconds. Where is your competition showing up? Discover new business opportunities and improve your internet marketing campaign with our SEO citation finder tool from
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Once local business owners understand the potential of dominating local search results they understand the importance of keeping their position on local search algorithms like Google Places.

Local Search Titan is proud to help over a hundred businesses rank on the first page for some of the most sought after keywords. Capitalizing on internet marketing locally gives our clients the competitive edge to increase sales and increase positive public relations.


Local Search Titan follows a proven formula to get your Google Places ranking on the first page of competitive searches within normal everyday Google searches as well as Google Maps and global smart phone searches that rely on GPS.

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