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NAP Consistency: Inform Your SEO Expert!

So you want to change your business phone number. Or, better yet, you’re moving to a different location, because, well, that’s what businesses do sometimes. But, you forgot to tell your SEO/Internet Marketing manager. Look, we get it. Businesses grow, change, and update all the time. We’re no strangers to upgrades, believe us. In fact, we think it’s awesome if you’re getting too much foot traffic, and looking to upgrade your space, and your identity.

Now, let us tell you a little bit about the impact of changing your business information and forgetting to inform the professionals that are in charge of maintaining your business as an online entity. We’ll tell you this, not to scare you, but to properly inform you of all the impacts and scenarios that may occur after drastic changes.

What is NAP and Why You Should Care

NAP is an acronym, like LOL, but better. NAP is the essential part of any local business. This is your Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number. See, NAP. Pretty easy.

Ever wonder how your business information got on that really small directory site; you know, the one that no one uses? Well, this is because Google is smart. When a business profile gets added online, directory sites known as “data aggregators” (including Google) pick-up signals from around the web, and begin automatically populating that information to other sources. Internet marketers, like those at Local Search Titan, also manually build these types of citations for your business (places like FourSquare, HotFrog, YellowPages are included). It’s the quickest, and most effective way to build your presence, and therefore your authority online.

This is why having a consistent, accurate NAP is essential to your online health & growth.

Without consistency, search engines can become confused and begin auto populating incorrect info. Not to mention, customers could end up at an old location, or calling an old business phone number that no longer works. And we all know how annoying that can be.

Don’t be that business!

If you’re changing your NAP, contact us!

Before you change your phone number, or your address, OR, especially, your business name, let us know! We have the ability to go into those data aggregator, and directory sites and update the info to the correct version of your business’ NAP. We generally recommend doing this type of clean-up before you change anything. Why? So we can show Google that you’re not crazy.

But really, it is imperative that you keep your business information consistent & fresh. It will help us to maintain:

  • Authority
  • Rankings
  • Business Profile

Because we don’t want your customers ending up 10 miles away from your actual location. That definitely wouldn’t be a good thing. And we also want to send Google the correct signals, and help to establish your authority. Bottom line, just keep us informed, because we’re here to help your business grow. Contact us today for internet marketing services at (503) 468-3269.

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