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Less is More: Why Having Multiple Website Is Bad For SEO

Duplicated Content

Is it better to have multiple websites, or just one? In terms of SEO, you’re better off with just one website. While some SEOs may argue otherwise, having multiple websites will ultimately do more harm than good. If you’re looking to build a professional site for your business, Local Search Titan offers website design geared for years of online success. Call (503) 468-3269!

Why Having Multiple Websites Is Bad for SEO

There was once a time when having multiple websites could work wonders for a business’ SEO and almost guaranteed high rankings.

Back in its early days, Google attached a lot of authority to relevant domain names. Let’s say that you were an internet marketer in Los Angeles. If you had purchased the domain “,” you were almost guaranteed first page rankings for keywords related to the domain. Of course, it didn’t take long for SEOs to figure this out, and start purchasing multiple relevant domains that all pointed back to one main site. This allowed for businesses to get listed for nearby towns and a variety of different services.

It also didn’t take Google long to wise up and change their algorithms to exclude this type of spammy behavior. At this point, having multiple domains offers no SEO benefit. And having multiple keyword rich domains may even hurt you. Here’s how:

  • Duplicate Content Issues — Having multiple websites generally will do nothing for your business, SEO-wise. In fact, duplicated content can prevent you from achieving higher rankings. In many instances, internet marketing firms are starting to note how serious Google has become about redundant verbiage. It’s best to gear your website toward unique, user-friendly information that will serve to better your business’ presence online.
  • Competing for Rankings — Let’s say you do take the time to create multiple websites, ensure that each one has unique content and none of them point back to your main website. What good will this do for your business? All of these new websites will now be competing with your main website for rankings. Think of it as having multiple business locations.
  • Confusion — Multiple websites can also confuse potential customers, and even returning customers. When customers are confused about who your business is and what your message is, they might lose your trust. Ultimately, this can hurt your rankings if it leads to higher bounce rates, negative attention on social networks, or lack of social signals altogether.

The bottom line is: you’re better off putting all of your time and effort into driving traffic to one website. Simple. Manageable. Multiple websites is ultimately bad for your business’ online marketing campaign, and may even be detrimental to your online reputation. Use a trusted source when building your website that are user & search engine friendly. Local Search Titan offers some of the cleanest and professional designs used in the industry today. Contact us at (503) 468-3269!

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