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Top 5 SEO Scams That You Should Avoid or Question

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Search engine optimization has grown into a necessity for businesses. When trying to find the right company to perform SEO on your site, it can be a major challenge. With SEO, going the cheap route can lead to:

  • Site penalization
  • Lost revenue
  • Less traffic then you have now

There are also a lot of “scams” or tactics to get you to use a service that aren’t exactly legitimate. Let’s take a look at the top 5 search engine optimization scams, starting with my favorite.

Guaranteed Rankings

There are hundreds of signals that major search engines use to rank websites. Companies often guarantee search engine rankings, which is impossible. There is no certainty that a website will rank on page one in a week, two months, or a year down the road.

SEO is an ever-changing landscape.

Guarantees of rankings should be a major red flag. If you’re tempted to sign up for a service that is just $299 and guarantees page 1 rankings in just one month, you’re taking a major risk with your website and business.

Thousands of Search Engine Submissions

Listings on “thousands” of search engines sounds great, but this isn’t going to happen. The only search engine that truly matters is Google. Bing and Yahoo are the next best search engines, but most companies only target Google.

Fast Rankings

Everyone wants high rankings as fast as possible. After all, the faster the rankings, the faster you’ll increase your bottom line. Unfortunately, fast rankings comes with a false promise that no one can guarantee.

Even if your website can rank on page 1 in just 48 hours, chances are you’ll be penalized for using a blackhat SEO technique that is against Google’s terms of service.

Google Partners

Anyone that states they “know” someone at Google or works directly with Google to ensure your website’s rankings is simply a scam. Google does not condone most “SEO” practices and certainly doesn’t work with anyone to guarantee rankings.

Free Trials or “Secret” Strategies

Time is money. When a company offers a free trial on SEO services, you have to question why. This is not a business where time is irrelevant. Real SEO professionals can spend hours on a website without seeing any results for their efforts.

Secret strategies that often include private networks are also a big “no-no.”

The SEO techniques of the past that were deemed secret always ended in failure for businesses and websites that followed them.

Search Engine Optimization that Works

We want to get you ranking as badly as you do, but we are in it for the long haul. We offer SEO services that will keep you ranking in the long run as we build your online presence from every angle. Call Local Search Titan today at (503) 468-3269!


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