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How to Get the Most Out of Your SMM Campaign

Social media marketing, or SMM, has become big business in recent years. With so many people on social media these days, it’s no wonder that social media marketing has exploded. Because social media is at the forefront of so much we do these days, it is nearly impossible not to have contact with a Facebook or Twitter account. This prevalence makes social media users the perfect audience for promoting and marketing a variety of products and services. What’s more, thanks to social media algorithms that can target which users would be the most interested in a particular product or service based on their similar Facebook “likes” or Twitter follows, social media marketing can pinpoint the people who are most likely to need or want what you are selling. Needless to say, SMM is an effective tool for getting word out about your business to your intended audience rather than blindly shouting to the masses.

Increase Your Social Media Click Through Rate

But not all SMM campaigns are created equal. What can you do to ensure that your message is reaching your intended audience, upping their chances of answering your call to action by making a purchase or signing up to receive more information? We have compiled a few basic strategies to help you get the most out of your social media marketing campaign.

Pay Attention to Facebook Insights

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are certainly aware of Facebook. But how familiar are you with Facebook Insights? This is a tab which can be found on your company’s Facebook homepage. Insights is an extremely useful tool to help you gauge your campaign’s success by pulling data about the people who follow you. By looking at the People Engaged section, you can determine the demographics of the people who engaged with your Facebook posts, either by linking or commenting. These people have an increased likelihood of actually becoming your customers since they have expressed an interest in your brand. By analyzing the demographic data, you can hone your campaign strategy to better engage your target client base.

Twitter Analytics Count, Too!

Much like Facebook Insights, this tab on your company’s Twitter homepage gathers data about your followers so you can spot trends and pinpoint your brand’s target demographic. Once you have more specific data on your potential clients, you can write tweets that sparks their interest.

Monitor Your Google Analytics, Because.. Google

Perhaps the most famous analytics tool for gathering consumer data, Google Analytics collects stats on each user who visits your company website. You not only can find out pertinent demographics information but also chart traffic sources so you can determine how most of your visitors are getting to your website.

Contact Local Search Titan for Social Media Marketing

With powerful analytics tools like these at hand, you can tweak your social media marketing campaign until you are speaking directly to your target audience, which will bode well for increased sales. Need help managing your social media marketing campaign? contact Local Search Titan today


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