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What to Look For in a SEM Professional

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, is a type of Internet Marketing that uses optimization and advertising to increase the visibility of websites in search engine results. Hiring a professional SEM agency can help get your brand noticed and put your business on the map. But how do you know what to look for when hiring a SEM expert to help market your company? Below are a few things to look for when searching for the right SEM professional for the job:

  • Experience- How many years does the SEM agency have under their belt? Since SEO/SEM is still relatively new territory compared to other forms of marketing, such as print and TV ads, that have been around for decades. You want to go with SEM professionals who have a lot of experience with search marketing that gets results.
  • Track Record- Does the SEM professional you are looking at have success stories? Are there testimonials or reviews from other companies that have used them in the past and gotten the desired results? When looking for someone to handle your search engine marketing, make sure the firm comes with solid references.

  • Physical AND Digital Presence- Does the SEM agency exist solely on a website, or is there an actual physical location? Make sure the firm you are considering is reputable and fully-staffed, not a fly-by-night operation with an impressive website.
  • Contract Length- Beware of signing a 12-month contract that only allows termination if both parties agree to it- this type of contract can leave your company with a bill for subpar SEM for an entire year. Instead, look for a reputable search engine marketing firm that allows a month-to-month contract and has a flexible termination policy. This is an indicator that the firm is confident in their abilities and doesn’t feel the need to trap clients.
  • Clearly Outlined Services- A true SEM expert will clearly outline a timeline as well as promised results in their proposal to your company. Be sure to have your guard up against any firms whose proposals contain vague language pertaining to what is being proposed and what deliverables are promised.
  • Quality of Service- When it comes to SEM, it rarely pays to pick the company with the lowest bid. Make sure the quality of the services outlined in the firm’s pitch matches with the asking fee, and that you fully understand what your company is getting for the price.


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