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How to Get More Conversions from Your Website

If your company aims to increase their sales volume, one of the most critical things you can do is increase your conversion rate on your website. Website conversion refers to the number of visitors to your company’s website who actually subscribe to your service, sign up for your newsletter or buy your product. When we talk about conversion rate optimization on a website, we are talking about how to increase the number of people who take the action you want them to take by making the most of your existing web traffic and using analytics and user feedback to make your web design more appealing and user-friendly. Your website’s conversion rate is determined by the number of visitors to your site divided by the total number of people who “converted” (for example, made a purchase, signed up to receive emails, etc.) A website with 3000 visitors and 150 conversions has a conversion rate of 20%. By using an analytics service to determine your website’s conversion rate and employing the following strategies, you can increase the conversion rate of your website, which can equal marketing results.

Call To Actions Help Web Conversions

For example, a business can increase its conversion rate with a well-placed Call to Action, or CTA. When you see a button prominently located on a web page with a directive such as “Buy Now,” “Download Now,” or “Sign Up,” you are looking at a CTA. Making the action you wish your user to perform prominently displayed and easy to locate helps facilitate a process that some users may have otherwise considered too daunting or time-consuming, which increases the likelihood of them performing the action that is being asked of them.

Multivariate Testing (MVT) is a way to determine the combinations of various page elements that will perform the best among users. In a multivariate test of a web page, different variations of text, pictures and calls to action on the page will be tested in a multitude of combinations until the best one is found. This helps increase your conversion rate by determining which combination most users will find not only more appealing but less confusing, more informative and easier to utilize.

Keep Your Website Simple

One of the simplest, and indeed most intuitive ways to increase your conversion rate is to eliminate any distractions from your website. Keeping your customers focused on the primary action you wish for them to take is much easier when their attention is not being divided by many things happening on a busy web page at once. Removing sidebars, big headers, irrelevant or confusing images, unnecessary information and large amounts of text can bring the user’s focus to a single point, such as the call to action. A good rule of thumb to follow is, if it isn’t contributing to the conversion in some way, take it off the website.

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