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In 2014, internet use on mobile devices surpassed desktop users and has not stopped increasing since. To make sure customers are finding and can interact correctly with your business, you will need a mobile version of your site. Having a mobile site is also becoming a ranking factor on Google’s search engine. The internet giant states that “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” Don’t get left behind in search or user interaction, call us today about your mobile website!

Easier Navigation for Users


Anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet knows how hard it can be to navigate on these devices and finding correct information on a poorly-formatted site can be even more difficult. Our mobile websites feature large, easily-pressed buttons, custom, user-friendly navigation and a clean look. Once a users gets to your mobile site the first things they see is a click-to-call button and a click-to-map button. With over 60% of mobile searches ending up in a purchase, a call-to-action like this encourages users to get in touch with your business more quickly.

Easily Edited to Keep Customers Engaged

We know that our clients’ businesses are constantly changing and that you want to keep both new and existing customers up-to-date on your business news, updates and new offerings. Our mobile platforms are easily edited to make sure the most important information is put in front of the user to get them to engage with your business.

Statistics and Reporting

Much like our other services, Local Search Titan tracks traffic and actions on your mobile site and reports on this data monthly so you can see how your mobile site is driving customers to your business. We report calls made to your business, direction requests, total traffic and number of pages viewed.

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